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How to Use Essential Oils

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Essential oils are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. It is important to know how to use them properly so that they help you in the best way.

Some essential oils cannot be taken internally. Some essential oils should not be used by pregnant women or used on infants.

Essential oils are the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, incorporated into message, or taken internally.

It is difficult to use an essential oil wrong. Essential oils work at the cellular level and so your body is going to take the oils to the part of the body that needs it most. Within 2 minutes, the essential oil you placed on your skin has reached every cell in your body.


Many oils are safe to apply directly to the skin. I know some skin is more sensitive than others. If you feel an oil slightly burning your skin, just add a “carrier oil”. A carrier oil is like a filler oil. It can be used to dilute the extremely concentrated essential oils. My favorite to use is fractionated coconut oil.

Essential oils should be diluted for children. And especially for infants.

I use oils straight from the bottle but I like to add oils to a roller bottle. It makes it easy to apply but also makes it easy to create different concoctions and experiment with natural solutions.

Where do you apply oils?

You’ve seen those charts all over Pinterest about where a tiny spot on your foot leads to your left earlobe. I am a little more of a realist than that. I put the oil where it makes the most sense. If I want to relieve head tension, I roll the oils onto my temples. If I want to uplift my spirits, I’dd add the oil over my heart or on my wrists. My immunity blend gets rolled onto my feet and down my spine. My sleepy time blend gets rolled onto my wrists and behind my ears.

Be careful with oils around your clothes- some may stain! 

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How to Use Essential Oils | Young Living Essential Oils | Essential Oils



When ingesting oils, carefully and properly, the benefits can be super beneficial. Many oils are known to support our metabolism, increase immune response and support organs.

There are several ways to take essential oils internally. I love to add a drop of lemon essential oil to my water or tea. Some add a few drops of oils to an empty vegetable capsule and take it as a pill.

You can also add a drop or two to a spoonful of honey (perfect for the kids).

There are many essential oils that you can cook with. Young Living calls their ingestible oils, “Vitality” oils and are easily recognizable from their all white labels. Imagine how wonderful your spaghetti sauce will taste with a drop or oregano or basil!

As always, ingesting these oils should be taken very seriously. These are powerful and can create reverse effects if taken the incorrect way.

If you are wondering if you should ingest an oil, look at the label or consult your leader. You can also email me. There are also resources on all major brand’s websites to help guide you!


My favorite way to use essential oils is by diffusing them. Think of it as a candle without the chemicals and with health benefits. Some oils when combined in a diffuser can eliminate odors and and destroy airborne bacteria. They can create a therapeutic environment which can be very helpful during naptime. 😉

There are MANY ways to use essential oils. I also like to add them to a diffuser bracelet or necklace. I also like making sprays like a pillow mist with sleeping oils or a linen spray to freshen up my towels.

Be creative! Have other ideas? Leave in the comments!

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How to Use Essential Oils | Young Living Essential Oils | Essential Oils


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