How to Use Instagram Slideshow for your Business
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Five Ways to Use Instagram Slideshow for your Business

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This week, Instagram came out with a new feature: slideshows. Now, you can post multiple photos in one post and your viewers can simply swipe between the photos.

You can post up to 10 photos and apply the same filter to all of the photos. You can still tag and have a caption.

As a business owner, this opens up a lot of possibilities. While I am sure we will see many creative uses, here are a few I came up with that may help your business.


I have an essential oils account and one of the main goals is to educate.  The first thing I thought of was how I can create a sort of powerpoint presentation and educate my followers on whatever it is I need to explain. Instead of posting 10 photos throughout the week, I can include them all into one post. My users can flip through, or keep scrolling.

More Info

Owning an Etsy shop, I like to create promotions and offer codes for certain product. While I hope people read all the way to the bottom of my posts, I know some don’t always make it. With this new feature, people are going to swipe when they see the little icon on the photo. They will see the next photo. My first photo is going to be the product image and the second is going to be the code or product information.  Think of it as a “swipe for more info” feature.

Product Photos

Speaking of products, I usually take more than one photo of a product I am offering. Now, I can show all of the product angles in one post.

This will be especially helpful for those with a photography businesses. Now, photographers can post up to 10 photos from a shoot without having separate posts. Instagram slideshow creates a sort of portfolio.

Product Reveal

You know how you can send iMessages with the ‘invisibility’ feature. Try it out in Instagram Slideshow! Blur your first image. When the user swipes, they see what you were hiding! This can also be used when announcing a giveaway winner or even a gender reveal 😉


Instagram Slideshow allows us to be more engaged with a single post. Have a question on the first image and an answer on the second. It can be a fun way to create engagement with your viewers!


Anyone else use to take a post-it note pad and draw a stick figure in a slightly different position on each page? Just me? Condense it down to 10 images and ask your viewer to swipe fast. It could be really fun and a new way to show your personality.


How are you using Instagram slideshow for your business? Leave suggestions in the comments so we can all learn from you!

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How to Use Instagram Slideshow for your Business

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