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Increasing your Pinterest Traffic

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If you’ve had a look around, you’ll see that I am in the holistic living, essential oils niche. I am a Independent Distributor for Young Living but I also have a booming Etsy shop. I needed to learn how to reach my audiences online. I thought about how I started learning about essential oils-Pinterest. Pinterest plays a HUGE role in my marketing.

Looking at analytics, most people come to my blog and shop from Pinterest. It’s working and I’m going to tell you how.

This post may contain affiliate links. See my full disclosure here. 

When I began researching how to market my blog, I was constantly seeing how important “social media” is because it’s free. Get more followers, they say.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not free. But it can be cheaper than you think.

Today, I am going to tell you how I increased traffic to my Pinterest page.

My analytics are going to look a little strange. I started working on my Pinterest account with the following advice summer of 2016 when I started my first blog. I decided to change subjects and start over so there is a bit of a dip during those couple of months(February to March) while I was figuring out my new concentration. But, you can see exactly when I started back up again with my tips (April).

Increase Pinterest Traffic

This little dip actually helps me confirm that these tips actually work. When I stopped doing them, my monthly traffic stopped.

Increase Pinterest TrafficIf you haven’t already switched your account, make you Pinterest account a business account. You will be able to see your analytics for free and keep a close eye on it.

When you log in you’ll now see your monthly stats right on your home page. My average monthly views for April 2017 is over 500,000.  With my Pinterest advice, I increased my views by 300,000 in just a few days as seen from the chart above.

My first tip is to organize your boards. 

There is no need to add ‘punny’ names to your Pinterest boards. When naming your boards, think of keywords. They will be easy to find and let Pinterest know exactly where to file these pins away.

You also need to add keyword rich descriptions to your boards as well.

I still have a couple personal boards so don’t feel like you can only have boards that fall into your niche. You still need to be YOU on social media.

My second tip is to add key words in your name. 

Notice, I don’t have ‘Kinsey Stewart’ as my name. Chances are people will not search my name. They will search Essential Oils. This helps my ranking when users search Essential Oils.

My third tip is to make sure your pin descriptions include keywords.

Keywords are extremely important so make sure to include them wherever possible. This includes your pin’s descriptions.

My fourth tip is to pin everyday, all day. 

Similar to other social media platforms, the more you participate, the higher you will rank in searches. Putting pins in front of your followers, increases the likelihood that they will see it.

Pinterest moves quickly. Every time you log in, you see new pins on your home page, right? You need to be active and present.

I suggest pinning at least 15 times a day and aim for 25 times a day. 

Before this stresses you out, I’m going to introduce to you how I am able to make this happen. I work a full time job and a part time job operating my Etsy shop, blog and Young Living business. I don’t have time to pin throughout the day.

I use Tailwind to schedule pins through the day at the best times according to my analytics. Tailwind is super simple to use and with the Chrome extension, you don’t have to go to the web page to schedule. The extension lets you schedule right from Pinterest.

Increase Pinterest Traffic


When you click on the Tailwind extensions, a pop up allows you to choose which board to pin to. Here, you can also edit the descriptions and the link. Then, you head over to the Tailwind web page and see your schedule. In the web page, you can edit the pin and shuffle the schedule. You can move pins to certain times.

Tailwind also has analytics and a dashboard that allows you to see your highest performing pins. Tailwind also has Instagram scheduling. Check it all out at the

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Without Tailwind, I would not have the Pinterest traffic that I do today. Staying active is SO important, but I have lots of other things to do during the day than pin on Pinterest.

Scheduling my pins also allows me to come back to Pinterest when I want to and enjoy it. If I was HAVING to pin all day, I would probably hate to be on the app.

I highly recommend Tailwind for increasing your Pinterest traffic.

My last tip is to pin your pins but also pin other’s pins. 

Share the love. It is important for Pinterest algorithms for you to pin other pins other than your own. I pin my blog’s pins and Etsy shop listings but also incorporate other blog’s pins. It just makes sense. Your followers will trust you if you pin other great pins. They will look to you to pin that next great thing.

Good luck with your Pinterest account! I hope this information helps you. I’d love to see your stats after incorporating these tips!

I’m so excited for you!

Thanks for reading,

MillenniOils | Essential Oils Blog




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