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Frankincense Essential Oil: The Basics

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Frankincense is a well known essential oil in the Young Living starter kit. If you haven’t heard of it in the essential oil world, you may have heard it from the Bible.

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This was an oil I REALLY looked forward to having in my collection. I wanted to have the biblical oils because I had never been able to smell them before. It seemed so precious and an accurate representation of how special all of these oils are.

If Jesus used them, that’s certainly good enough for me!

Frankincense is derived from the Medival French word for “real incense” and is considered the “holy anointing oil” in the Middle East. As mentioned, it was well known during the time of Christ and was one of the gifts give to Christ at His birth.

At one point, Frankincense was valued more than gold and something only those with great abundance and wealth owned.

Frankincense is also mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, the Ebers Papyrus(16th century BC), an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes. How cool is that?

Frankincense has a strong scent and smells much more tolerable when diffused and diluted with water. The fragrance alone increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation and uplifts spirits. Therefore, Frankincense is a great oil to diffuse when feeling sad or depressed.

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It is an oil that can support various health needs, too. Frankincense is said to have antitumoral, immunostimulant and antidepressant properties. This has not been proven.

It is also found in several Young Living blends such as Abundance, Brain Power, Highest Potential and Believe. You’ll also find it in the skincare line!

In addition to elevated spiritual experiences, the benefits of Frankincense essential oil include maintaining radiant skin. Its ability to smooth the look of healthy skin makes this oil a key part of our Boswellia Wrinkle Cream™.

-Young Living Website

I use Frankincense in my own skin care routine. I use it in my face serum and my moisturizer. It is also a good one to add to your bubble bath.

Frankincense is the perfect oil for anyone but I think it can be appreciated most by those who enjoy bubble baths and pampering. It is perfect for all highs and lows in life.

This oil is really special and I am so thankful Young Living has it in the starter kit.

Read more about getting started with Young Living here.

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Frankincense Essential Oils | Essential Oils 101 | Essential Oils |

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