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The Five Levels of Crazy Oil Lady

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When you are first introduced to the world of essential oils, it can be very overwhelming. I got my kit and was under the impression that I needed to buy EV-VER-Y-THING. Not the case.

Today I thought it would be hilarious to break down the levels of “crazy oil lady”. Not only am I showing the newbies the ropes and how they can ease into the craziness, I also want to have a good laugh with all of my fellow EO users.

Let’s find out just how crazy you really are!

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Level 1

Essential Oil Companies provide you with some literature but you’ll soon become consumed with needing to know literally everything. Enter the oily bible.

This was provided by my enroller and I use it dang near every day. It is my go-to resource for when I have questions. And in this case, the older the version, the better.

Here’s the backstory:
Once upon a time, there was quite the commotion about essential oil companies and associates “claiming” outcomes and healing powers of oils. Since then, companies have to remain compliant and can’t say things like “this oil heals this illness”. This is why I suggest finding an old version to get the good stuff.

After the “oily bible”, you’ll need the level 1 essentials: a diffuser, fractionated coconut oil, roller bottles and spray bottles. These will be used as vessels for your new concoctions and are actually very affordable. You little stash is growing. You know what that means.

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Level 2

Welcome to level two, friends. The oils are multiplying and you’re starting to realize why some people can’t leave the house without a few… okay, twenty essential oil bottles. You are seriously considering having a second purse just for oils. (Oh yes, they make those!)

There are tons of cute bags on Etsy or you can go the frugal route on Amazon. Honestly, I just use a pencil bag from Target to carry mine around. But when traveling, it’s nice to have a designated bag that you know will keep them safe.

You’ll also want to think about diffuser necklaces and bracelets. Again, a lot of cute things on Etsy like my favorite, EzzyToEden. I wear one of her bracelets nearly every day. These are made with different materials that are perfect for holding oils so you can keep them on you all day.

Not only are you wearing your oils, you are eating them too. Level two crazies are making peppermint brownies and lavender lemonade on the reg.

Level 3

Are you ready for the next crazy oil lady stage? By this step, you’re obsessed with oils and talk about them to anyone who will listen. You finally have the lingo down – a huge feat! You’re probably know as THE oil lady in your family.

Level three means you have essential oil bottles in every nook and cranny so it’s time to get some oil storage worthy of your precious hippy juice. I am lucky enough to have a super crafty mom who made my essential oil storage by hand. Those who are proudly display their oils in their homes are the kind of people I want to be best friends with.

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It is also time to invest in your second and third diffuser. Stop moving the same one all around the house and order a couple of new ones. You know you’ll use them.

Level 4

Level four means using metal straws instead of plastic for your lemon water. You have a pretty grand collection of essential oils, decor and maybe even a “Oily Mama” shirt in your closet.

To reach this level, you are beyond the needs. You’re getting into the wants. Your kids have their own colored coded roller bottles and you just might have bought a ticket to the next Young Living Beauty School.

“Chemical” is a curse word and most of your cleaning and beauty products have been replaced with Young Living products or you have entered the DIY world. You are definitely using wool dryer balls, too.

Level 5

Raise your hand if you have successfully accomplished the previous four levels?

Hello, crazy! (And welcome to the club!)

Over here at level 5, we have taken the essential oil obsession digital. We’re talking essential oil blogs, instagrams and Facebook groups. You have branded your team and have a professional logo. The Young Living conference? Yeah, you’ve been there.

By now, you are ordering your roller bottles in bulk. Your pets are only eating Young Living brand treats and you are researching how to make your own fractionated coconut oil. (Is that even possible?)

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So, what level are you? I am proudly sitting at level 5 and I’m not mad about it.

Seriously though, do not get tripped up into thinking you need every accessory under the sun. Ease into the essential oil craze and before you know it, you will have #AllTheThings.

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