DIY Face Cleanser using Essential Oils featuring Manuka and Elemi | DIY All Natural Face Cleaner |
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DIY Face Cleanser with Essential Oils

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Let’s be real, have you ever been truly satisfied with a face cleanser that you buy in the drug store aisle? I sure haven’t.

It just doesn’t make sense, using chemicals to treat our very natural and sensitive skin. You wouldn’t want to put chemicals on your apple then, eat it.  As an essential oil user, the first thing I wanted to replace with an all natural alternative was my face cleanser.

I quickly turned to essential oils, researching everything. I wanted something I could do morning and night- not too strong. I have been working on and perfecting this recipe, testing it on other people. The reviews include “this blend is life” and “can you make me some, please”. I also love it!

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This face cleanser blend is meant to be sprayed onto a cotton pad and wiped on the face like an astringent. I have not experimented with making a foaming version but if you try, let me know!

The Ingredients:

1 oz Glass Spray Bottle

We’re using a citrus oil so I make sure you are putting this in a glass bottle. Citrus messes with plastics and can throw off our results.

Distilled Water

If you like your tap water, that’s totally cool. It’s easier! But if you really want to make this as clean as possible, use distilled water.

1 Tbsp Witch Hazel Astringent per 1 oz

Witch Hazel is great for the skin and doesn’t burn. It’s just a little extra boost I like to add to mine. This is also what I add to my linen spray. It makes the spray “soft” like a conditioner. You can get this at Walmart next to the Epsom Salt and Rubbing Alcohol.

1 Tsp Vitamin E Oil per 1oz

You can also get this at your grocery store in the vitamin oil. If you can’t find the liquid, you could just open capsules but make sure it is pure Vitamin E oil- no fillers. This ingredient is not mandatory but again, I think it adds a boost

15 Drops Young Living Purification Essential Oil

10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil Read my post about Frankincense

10 Drops Elemi Essential Oil

10 Drops Manuka Essential Oil

5 Drops Lemon Essential Oil Read my post about Lemon

For a total of 60 drops of essential oil per 1oz.  Tweak as you see necessary!

Need Essential Oils? Learn all about them here.

DIY Face Cleanser using Essential Oils featuring Manuka and Elemi | DIY All Natural Face Cleaner |


Add these all to the glass spray bottle and don’t forget a cute label, available in my Etsy shop! 

Shake before use, spray onto a cotton pad, wipe down your face! I always follow up with a moisturizer.

Warning: The lemon essential oil is a citrus oil, though there is not much in this blend, be aware that it will make your skin a little more sensitive to sunlight. After moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, etc, it should not be a huge deal- just want you to be aware!

If you try this blend, come back and let me know what you think in the comments! I would love to hear feedback.

Feel free to tweak the ingredients so that it helps you the most- all skin is different!

Thanks for reading,

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DIY Face Cleanser using Essential Oils featuring Manuka and Elemi | DIY All Natural Face Cleaner |

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