Ditch and Switch Essential Oils Recipes

Five MORE DIY Products to Replace Chemicals in Your Home

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This week, I launched a new set of labels in the shop and I wanted to make sure I provided recipes for those who may want them! 

I LOVE replacing products in my home for something more natural. It’s healthier and almost always cheaper. It’s a no-brainer for me. But I also want it to be really easy. It’s so convenient to just Amazon prime some new laundry detergent to the front door. It is. But, I know I am making a great decision with long-term benefits! It’s worth the 15 minutes it takes to whip a recipe together. 

Today, I will be sharing recipes for Laundry Soap, Laundry Boost, Dryer Ball Spray, Tough Scrub AND Fruit & Veggie Spray. Save this one to Pinterest so you can come back to it!

Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap was one of the first things I switched for a non-toxic option. We wash our clothes in it and wear them all day. Our skin soaks in so much more than we notice sometimes. Laundry detergents can cause rashes and other skin irritations. But it can also cause headaches and other side effects. 

One option is to use an all-natural laundry soap from the store. There are several out there but its probably expensive. I love Young Living laundry detergent. It’s so concentrated, you can actually split it into three parts, add water and have triple the detergent. 

Or you can easily make your own. It will cost pennies to do your laundry and if that’s not a win, I don’t know what is!

DIY Laundry Soap Recipe:

In a large glass measuring cup or bowl, combine 7 cups of hot water with 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup of salt. Stir well until completely dissolved. The mixture will start out cloudy and fizzy, but when it’s completely dissolved, it should be mostly clear. Pour the mixture into a gallon-sized jug. Repeat this step until you have filled your ¾ of your container. Add in 1 cup of liquid castile soap. Stir! Add ½ cup to 1 cup to your washing machine. 

It’s up to you to add essential oils to the recipe. Clean doesn’t necessarily have a scent, something hard to get used to. Our next recipe, Laundry Boost, does have essential oils in it. You can rely on that for your scent or also add essential oils to the soap. Lavender is a safe choice. But I also love the scent of Young Living’s Thieves or Stress Away in my laundry. Totally up to you! 

DIY Laundry Boost

Laundry Boost

I’ll save you the read but those scent boosts and laundry softeners add a TON more chemicals to your life and it’s not really necessary? I love when I can find a DIY product that so easily replaces the name-brand product I was used to. It not only eliminates chemicals and possible allergens, it’s also saving you money. 

DIY Laundry Boost Recipe:

I use a large glass jar and to be honest, I don’t follow an exact recipe. But I’ll try my best to give you a good ratio. In your glass jar, add 3 parts Epsom salt and 1 part baking soda. Then, add in your favorite essential oils to give the scent boost! I love basil and lemon together. Lavender is a classic. Pine and Cinnamon would be so delicious during the winter. But again, it’s totally up to you. Stir it all up and you’re ready! 

Before you add your clothes to the washer, add ¼ cup of this Laundry boost to the base. Add your clothes and add the detergent on top. 

Dryer Ball Spray

Raise your hand if you use wool dryer balls instead of icky, chemical-filled dryer sheets! If you haven’t made the switch, it’s super easy and affordable. You can get a pack of six from Amazing for less than $10 and you’ll never have to buy dryer sheets again! Seriously. 

But some of you are going to miss that extra scent boost that dryer sheets do provide. So, I like to make a spray with the smelly-good oils. 

DIY Dryer Ball Spray Recipe:

You’ll need a small spray bottle, I think 4 ounces is the perfect size for this project. Pick your favorite essential oil combo. I love Lavender, Bergamot and Lime. In the Fall, Thieves and Orange would be a great combo. If you like a “clean laundry candle smell”, try sage, cedarwood and lemon! In your bottle, add a total of 20 drops. Add ¼ cup of Witch Hazel. Fill the rest with water. That’s it!

I spray my wool dryer balls down before I add them to my wet laundry. It’s super simple!

DIY Dryer Ball Spray

Tough Scrub

Sometimes you need a little something extra to really get things clean. This scrub is ideal for scrubbing down sinks, tubs and showers. And of course, you can do it all-natural too!

DIY Tough Scrub Recipe:

Add 1 cup of baking soda to 2 tablespoons of castile soap (scent is up to you!).  Add 1/4 cup of water and whisk these three together. It should look like a lotion or icing when you’re done. It’s also helpful to add a Lemon essential oil. Lemon is known for eliminating stickiness! If you’re into Young Living, Thieves and Purification would also be great to add to this recipe. 

Store your Scrub in an airtight container. This recipe will make about 8 ounces of scrub. It will also be helpful to get a brush or tough sponge to go along with your scrub. You’ll be amazed at the results! 

Fruit & Veggie Spray

We know it’s important to clean our fruits and veggies before we eat them. You probably rinse them with water and call it a day. And while that is a step up from eating it right off the conveyor belt, water doesn’t quite get all the germs and grime off our food. 

Before you hop on Amazon to purchase a fruit and veggie wash, let’s make sure to emphasize the point of finding a chemical-free option. What’s the point of washing your fruit if you’re just going to add chemicals to it?

There are two ways that I recommend making your own all-natural fruit and veggie wash. You can purchase the fruit and veggie wash from Young Living. You’ll just add a tablespoon to a 4 ounce bottle and fill the rest with water. DONE. Or, you can try out this super easy recipe with ingredients that are probably already in your home. 

DIY Fruit and Veggie Spray recipe

DIY Fruit & Veggie Spray Recipe:

In a 4 ounce spray bottle, add 1 tablespoon of Vinegar. Fill the rest with water. I also recommend adding a few essential oils like lemon and Thieves. Just a couple drops of each will do the trick. 

Spray your fruit down, rub it all over and use a wash cloth to wash your food. Then, rise thoroughly. You won’t have any aftertaste but you will have clean fruit. It will probably last longer too! 

So, what do you think? Think these are worth making? If you do, please let me know how you enjoy them, or didn’t, in the comments! 

The set of 5 labels are currently available in my shop:

Thanks for reading!

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