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Young Living Beauty School Review

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Young Living Beauty School was this past weekend in Houston. There are many beauty schools this year- a new thing YL is trying out. In the past, it has been an exclusive event in Utah in December. It sells out immediately. Now, they may be in a city near you!

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I was lucky enough to attend this past weekend. It was also my first Young Living event.

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The primary focus was to learn more about the Young Living skincare products. We received a really nice beauty case filled with items including Wolfberry Eye Cream, Lavender Lip Balm, NingXia Red, R.C.(a gift!), trial sizes of other products and the exclusive beauty school oil, Amoressence. There was a beauty book with details about all the products to use in your own class, too. There were lots of colors to choose from. I got the light blue grey color.

Young Living Beauty Schoo Review |

Both days were filled with lectures about everything from YL products to chemistry to nutrition. On the first day, one lecture was 4 hours. It was long and we needed a break. I understand that they are still tweaking the school and that’s one thing I’d recommend- more breaks.

My favorite part was the talk on Inner Beauty. It was inspiring and uplifting to be reminded that we all have different backgrounds and stories. Own your story and know your values. In a world full of temptation and peer pressure, it is hard to lose ourselves in comparison. I loved how they brought in inner beauty into the presentation.  I am a competitive person and often compare my beginning to some else’s middle, something I need to work on.

We went in depth into nutrition and learning which foods are good for healthy skin. We also had several science lessons and learned the chemistry behind important elements of Young Living products. It was a little over my head but I took good notes to digest later.

A lot of the beauty school was sitting through talks. The first day, we had power point slide print outs and the second day we did not. Most people used their phone to take images of the slides. The power points were old school and not very engaging. As a designer, this bothered me. It may have been completely okay to everyone else. The slide printouts from the first day were helpful but wish we had got a presentation booklet. If Young Living needs a designer, let me know 😉

Another favorite part would be learning about the men’s products and how to be frugal with YL beauty products. Most are highly concentrated and can go a long way!

Young Living Beauty Schoo Review |

Of course, everyone loved getting hands on and diving into the beauty boxes. We put our headbands on and used the different scrubs, moisturizers and toners. It was extremely helpful for me because I don’t own all of the skincare products. I liked learning about each one and the steps to use them in.

Did you know the average person uses 300 chemicals before they even eat breakfast in the morning? I love that I have Young Living products to help reduce that!

It was great meeting new people and being surrounded by other motivated and likeminded YL members. I learned a lot and talked to other leaders in the business. I was able to ask questions and learn some tips. It’s always great to connect with other members and learn something new!

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I do wish there had been ‘get to know your table’ or ice breaker events. I never liked them in school but they did help. I knew a few people but it would have been nice to do some sort of exercise to get to know more people in the room! I was surprised this didn’t happen.

Surprisingly, we got some insider information. Valor is coming back and over 70 new products are being launched at convention.

Valor has been reformulated to not include Rosewood. Rosewood is now a protected species and cannot be harvested. Gary Young reformulated it to have the same smell but with a different oil. People in a blind test couldn’t tell the difference! We don’t know when it will be out but it will still be called ‘Valor’.

They hinted at sunscreen and makeup products but we have no clue what exact products will be released. But that’s exciting!?!?

I was told to expect great food and yes, the lunch and dinner buffet were excellent. It was very healthy and everything you wanted after hearing all of these talks! I wish I had thought to bring snacks. Next time, I’ll pack a few granola bars.

We were not provided with notebooks or anything so if you go, bring something. I brought my laptop. Some people were borrowing the hotel’s note pads.

Another tip, prepare for Antartica. It was freezing in the ballroom where the presentation were going on. I was shivering and using the table cloth as a blanket. Bring a jacket!

Overall, it was a great trip and I came back with a ton of product and energy. It is always a breath of fresh air to get together with people who share a similar passion.

Now, I want to try and get to convention! Who’s going?

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