This page is a really special one. Here I am featuring all of the services and products I use to run my business. I use ALL of these on this page. C’mon, I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t use it myself!!

Some of these companies have given me referral or affiliate links so I get some credit for sending you to them. I MIGHT get a little commission or some money off of my plan with them. This does not affect your pricing with them.

I hope you find this useful. As always, if you have any questions, send me an email at

For Blogging:

This site runs on WordPress and is hosted with SiteGround. I have tried other hosts in the past with other blogs (that failed) and SiteGround has been the most reliable.

The theme used on this blog is Laurel by Solo Pine. I had a few questions about the theme and Solo Pine answered my questions very quickly. They have several other themes to choose from as well!

I bought this theme through the Envato Theme Forest. This is where I have bought all of my themes in the past. It is so easy to search and find exactly what you are looking for. TIP: I always sort by “Best Rated” rather than by “Popularity”.


I am trying to monetize the blog through affiliate links. I am currently using Amazon and! With affiliate links only live for a week, I made my first dollar through So far, I am very happy!

For Social Media:

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Tailwind App is extremely helpful in scheduling Pinterest pins. My Pinterest account went from 20k monthly views to over 500k in 6 months just by scheduling pins to stay active. Of course, I was pinning in my niche. But, I would not have been able to keep up and track analytics without Tailwind. They have a Chrome extension that makes it super easy to schedule offsite images. Their interface takes a bit to learn but it is worth it. They also recently added a Instagram scheduler.

For Etsy:

I use Cricut vinyl for my labels in the Etsy shop. I love that I can get tons of colors for every design imaginable. It is high quality and I can guarantee I am shipping out a wonderful product to my customers.



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