I have been using Young Living essential oils for three years so I put together this page explaining the THREE main reasons I choose Young Living.


Despite the funny looks. Despite the classic “MLM” stereotype. Despite being called a crazy oil lady. When it comes to choosing a safe product for my family, I really don’t care what the internet thinks.


These are the three reasons why I choose Young Living and you should, too.


Reason #1: Seed to Seal
It’s incredibly easy to find essential oils today. You can even find them in the dollar section of Target. The reason why they are so easy to find is because essential oils are not currently regulated by the FDA. There are no rules around what the packaging has to communicate or what ingredients are or aren’t allowed. When word broke out that essential oils could provide an all-natural alternative to many products, hundreds of companies started producing “essential oils”. Without any regulated testing, most essential oil bottles you find in the store aren’t pure essential oil. And what’s the point of buying them if they aren’t actually essential oils?


Young Living was founded by Gary Young, 25 years ago in 1995. His passion for all-natural methods lead the way for all of those essential oil companies you see on the shelves today. He was the OG! Young Living was founded on science and the passion for living an all-natural lifestyle. They have always put the quality of their essential oils first. Young Living invests millions of dollars to make sure their oils are the most pure on the market. They have their own labs but also use unbiased third-party testing companies to also test the products.


They own their own farms.


They are transparent with their entire process.


They invest in testing and insure their quality.


No other essential oil company will allow you to visit their farms. No other essential oil company will share how they extract the oils from the plants. No other essential oil company will invest in their own testing rather than waiting around for the FDA.


Their promise is known as Seed to Seal.


You are always welcome to visit Young Living farms at any time. There are no closed doors, no secrets. I visited the farm in Utah just this past week and even had the opportunity to plant a seedling in their field. It was the COOLEST!



Reason #2: More than Oils
Young Living was founded on essential oils. And there are over 220 essential oils and blends in the product line. But Young Living is so much more than just oils.


Young Living is very much a lifestyle. And they have products beyond essential oils that make living a chemical-free, all-natural lifestyle possible.


Young Living has house cleaner, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, face wash, acne treatments, protein powder, dish soap, makeup, under-eye cream, laundry detergent, baby wipes, supplements and so much more.




All of the products listed are opportunities for you to create a safer environment for your family. While the essential oils are the foundation, the chemical-free products are what make Young Living different. By switching just your all-purpose house cleaner to Young Living, you can remove hundreds of chemicals from your home. Imagine the long-term health benefits for your family. Imagine the difference if you replaced ALL the bottles under your sink?!


Reason #3: The Ease and Generosity
Being a member of Young Living is easy. You purchase your own Starter Kit. And that’s it. You order everything online and it’s shipped right to your door.


Ordering $50 a year keeps your membership intact. But if you choose not to do so, there is no penalty.


But when you fall in love with the essential oils and products, you’ll find yourself ordering often. And unlike most companies, Young Living has an incredible rewards program. It’s known as Essential Rewards.


It’s a monthly auto ship program. You fill up your cart, promotions are automatically added to your cart for spending certain amounts. On top of that, you also receive % cash back to spend on future purchases. The more consecutive months you order, the higher the percentage – up to 25%!


For example, I ordered $190 last month. I stocked up on toothpaste, bug spray, sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap and a few essential oils. All products I would normally buy at Target. But unlike Target, Young Living adds two free products (worth $50) to my cart and gives me 25% cash back or almost $50 to spend on my next purchase. Automatically. Each month are new promotions. It’s seriously like Christmas every month.


And that’s not all. We love Amazon Prime. We spend over $100 a year and receive free shipping. young Living does the same. It’s called YL GO and you pay once a year and receive all your monthly shipments with upgraded free shipping.


Every single member has this opportunity.



But isn’t Young Living an “MLM”?
Yes, it absolutely is. And with that comes all sort of stereotypes, right?


Young Living never feels like an MLM. You never have to sell inventory out of your house. You don’t even have to share the product if you don’t want to.


And even when you do feel lead to share it, you just hand over your referral code. That’s it. It’s similar to referring someone to a credit card or to your apartment complex. Sure, you get compensated but you’d probably only refer your friends and family if you actually like the credit card or complex, right? Works the same way here. I only want you to share with someone if you actually love and trust the product. Deal?


But we can worry about that down the road! Let’s just focus on you learning how to use them for yourself now!


So, how do you become a member?
I mentioned the Starter Kit earlier, the key to the membership and all the perks above. In the kit, there are 12 5mL essential oils and a full-size diffuser. There are also many samples of other products like NingXia Red.




It’s a great way to become introduced to the Young Living product line. You receive the most used oils including Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Peace and Calming and Valor. Want to sleep better? Give your skin a healthy glow? Use less Ibuprofen? Reduce cravings? Provide allergy relief? Eliminate upset tummies? Support your immune system? You can do ALL of that and so much more with this kit. Each product adds up to over $400. But as a new member, you’ll receive all of it for only $160.


When you sign up, I will mail you additional reading material and products to jump start you even further. You’ll know EXACTLY how to use each oil, what the heck NingXia Red is and even what products to introduce into your new all-natural lifestyle next. I’ll add you to two exclusive Facebook groups where you’ll have access to other super smart members and the latest news and promotions. I’ll also be available to answer any and all questions you may have.


A Young Living Starter Kit is a huge blessing and opens doors to an all-natural lifestyle immediately. It’s empowering to take control and make smarter choices for your family. It’s incredible and has totally changed my life. I want that more than anything for you. You so deserve it!


If you’re ready to purchase a kit and become a member of Young Living, I am so happy for you. And if you’re not, please reply and let me know what you’re thinking. I’d love to answer any questions or explain anything further.


Click the link below to get started. Verify that the following number is in the sponsor box: #10257212
Talk to you soon!

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