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My March 2017 Essential Rewards Order

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I am always so excited to get my monthly order from Young Living. I see that brown box with the green letters and actually jump for joy. Or say “THANK GOD!” because I am out of something I desperately need. Who’s been there?

This month’s haul was small. I have been trying to spend less and since I ordered quite a bit in February, I decided to invest a little less. I have a pretty good stock going and since I live by myself, I don’t need to replenish as often as some families!

As shown in the photo, I ordered the 30 count of 2oz NingXia packs, the Deep Relief roller and got a 5mL Lime for free. Because I have been ordering several months in a row, I get 20% back in points that I can later cash in for free product.

My total was $119.40. I received the 5mL for free and got $23.88 back in points.

Deep Relief Roll On | Young Living Essential Oils | Essential Rewards | Millennioils

Now, most of this haul was not for me. I am striving to do a little more outreach to my friends and family who do not have Young Living in their life. Since one of my favorite products is NingXia, I am giving away the 2oz NingXia packets as samples.

I am hoping that by investing a little this month and teaching about the lifestyle of Young Living–not just the oils–I will get a few new believers. NingXia is made of wolfberries or goji berries and packed with antioxidants, a little more convincing than trying to sell a $30 bottle of oil that MIGHT ease stress.

Some of your jaws may have dropped but, I am a realist. Offer something that is a little more recognizable first and then get into the nitty gritty. Dip your toe in first.

That is my Young Living business tip of the day.

I am really excited to start using the Deep Relief roll on. I have heard it is a few other’s favorite. It has been on my wishlist for quite a while! I imagine it will come in handy when I have worked long hours, sore from a workout or just need to ease my head.

What did you order this month?

Thanks for reading! See ya on Instagram 🙂

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March Essential Rewards Order | Young Living Essential Oils | Essential Oils | Millennioils

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