Millennioils: the combination of millennials and oils.

Millennioils opened in mid October 2016 and had its first sale on October 31st and is based in Dallas, Texas.

Because I also have a full-time job, the shop has been open 75% of that time. It’s not rare for me to go on “vacation mode” to catch back up on my personal life or get back ahead on orders.

Millennioils is first and foremost a shop specializing in labels for the health and wellness industry, specifically essential oils.

When I first started exploring the essential oil world, over two years ago, I noticed there was not a lot in the creative department. I wanted custom products and fun things to help share the oils.

Two years later, Millennioils is not only a shop and blog, it’s a brand.

It’s recognizable and trusted in the essential oil community.

It’s my goal to be the one-stop shop for my essential oil friends. I also want to be a resource for those who want to sell products in this market.


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About Kinsey

On a personal note, I am Texas born and raised and a true creative at heart. I have a traditional art background that evolved into a digital form. I graduated from the Visualization program from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas (whoop!!) in May 2015. I have been a designer and strategist in an agency for 5 years. I love designing but also understanding the why behind it.

I have the sweetest fiancé, Collin, who encourages me everyday to think outside the box. We love to travel and try new restaurants. He has a finance background so that is also extremely helpful running this . 😉

I live in Dallas with my fur children, Olivia and Ruby. Olivia is a 5 year old black cat that I adopted from Operation Kindness. You’ll often see her creeping in the back of my Insta-stories! Ruby is a little firecracker. She is a 3-year old red merle Mini Aussie who is keeping us very active.

Thanks for reading and supporting my shop!

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